The relaxing sandy expanse of the shore might be the last place anyone would imagine an international entrepreneurship summit to take place – and yet, the Seaside Startup Summit does so with grace. The SSS is built around the idea that informality, commonality, and openness fosters communication and enables the productive exchange of ideas. For seven days, entrepreneurs from all over the globe gather at a tent camp to share their knowledge and experience. Just last year, the event drew over 2,000 participants from 23 countries to its shores.

This year, I had the privilege of being invited by RAK Incubator and Accelerator to attend as a panelist. During my time with SSS,  I both enjoyed the open flow of ideas and provided my own insights into the role incubators and accelerators will play in advancing innovation and entrepreneurship in the future. I’m particularly glad to be invited by RAK, as they have seen great success as one of few private incubators in the UAE; soon, I hope to work hand-in-hand with their leadership to develop a entrepreneurship program for aspiring innovators.