In a wonderful journey to start the new work season with, I had the pleasure of accompanying another cohort of entrepreneurs at Intelak on their path from ideation to value proposition. These driven entrepreneurs, who aim to contribute their business ideas to the regional aviation industry, were a delight to mentor and assist. After a journey of 3 months, I closed the loop of my intervention with a Go-to-Market Strategy Session, which was hosted on November 14th. During this workshop, startup teams presented their marketing and branding strategies and received constructive feedback from both myself and their peers. The collaborative atmosphere of the workshop inspired a number of wonderful ideas and ultimately helped all in attendance develop their business strategies further. My thanks goes out to Intelak for inviting me to act as a mentor in its wonderful program!


I have worked with a number of startup incubators over the course of my career, and always enjoy the opportunity to aid young entrepreneurs in their tireless efforts to see their ideas turn into successful scalable business opportunities.


Above graphic courtesy of #IntelakIncubator


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